The Greatest App In The App Store

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a bar with friends enjoying the drinks and conversation but hating the music?  Well that no longer needs to be the case if you are in a bar with Touchtunes.  It’s really just a digital jukebox, but because it is digital you can control it from the comfort of your booth.  This is good for two reasons, the first being that you don’t have to move anything but your finger to play the song you want to hear.  The second advantage is that you can select any song your heart desires without having to worry about the rest of the bar revolting against you like some sort of Bar Spring.

Feel like playing some Hall & Oates deep cuts, have at it.  Won’t be satisfied till you hear “So Emotional” fulfill that need.  Or if you just want to test the limits of the other patrons in the bar at 1:15 AM on a Saturday by playing an 8 song Disney set, go for it.  I’m sure there are some control issues surrounding those of us that will blow through 30 credits in a night to play only what we want to listen to, but whatever.  So if you are in a bar and you find yourself saying, “Is that the Free Willy song?” it probably means myself or some of my friends are lurking in the bar picking the music from the comfort of our booth and iPhone.



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