The 10 Best References from Yeezus

Throw up your Yeezus Fish and praise be to Kanye, cause Yeezus has risen.  Glancing at the various reviews of Yeezus the most common words used to describe the album have been dark, harsh, extreme, jarring or antagonistic.  And if I was able to add my own adjective to the describe the album it would be vulgar.  Kanye’s description of what he’d do in the Hamptons comes to mind.

So instead of analyzing Kanye’s psyche and deciding if he is melting down due to impending fatherhood or if this is just the next step in a carefully orchestrated career I thought it would be more fun to pick out the 10 best/funniest references from Yeezus.

Before getting to the references though I do want to say that I think the album is phenomenal.  It’s incredibly awkward and impossible to put into a single genre box, which usually means the artist is doing something right.  Enough of me back to Yeezy

1.  Don’t judge ’em Joe Brown!

2.  Feel like Deepak Chopra

3.  Had to stop at 7/11 like I needed gas.  I’m lyin I needed condoms, don’t look through the glass.

Not to be a PITA (Pain In The Ass) but Mr. West I think your cover is blown the moment you pull into the parking lot cause I don’t think any 7/11 sell gas.

4.  She Instagram herself like #BadBitchAlert


5.  Star Wars fur, yea I’m rockin Chewbacca

I’d love to ask Kanye what his thoughts are on J.J. Abrams taking over Star Wars.

6.  Rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty

We’re looking at you Jersey Shore

7.  Hurry up with my damn croissants!!!!!!!!!!!

Who doesn’t hate stale croissants?

8.  Jerome’s in the house, watch your mouth!

Jerome might even be a better character than the timeless Sheneneh.

9.  Uh, Michael Douglas out the car now

When you look up the definition of melt down this is who you see.

And of course……  Jesus.

10.   I just talked to Jesus He said, “What up Yeezus?”

Oh hey Kanye, how about Ray Allen last night?  He was cold blooded.


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