World War Z Review

So pardon the pun, but the first word that comes to mind after seeing World War Z is soulless.  Full disclosure I’m not a big zombie apocalypse fan to begin with.  I watched the first season of Walking Dead with my roommates, but lost interest after it ended.  I wasn’t a huge Resident Evil fan either, that includes the games and the movies.  For whatever reason the subject matter doesn’t interest me.

Despite my lack of interest is previous zombie vehicles I ponied up the 12 dollars to see the new Brad Pitt film, and felt much of the same I did after watching Walking Dead.  So what.  I felt no attachment to any of the characters except maybe the poor Israeli soldier who had her hand cut off.  The movie didn’t give me any real reason to get attached to anyone.  Brad’s character seemed like a perfectly fine family man, but I’m sure a lot of the people trying to find a cure were as well.  As for his wife and family once they reached the boat they had about 4 lines through the rest of the film, instead being relegated to gratuitous shots of them huddled together sleeping or the wife clutching the satellite phone Brad gave her.

To be fair there were some aspects of the film that were appealing. One being the soundtrack/score which I thought was very good.  I thought the depictions of the US evacuation procedure were neat, like seeing some military personnel carry the Declaration of Independence onto the boat for safe keeping.  Other than that I enjoyed some of the visuals, including the zombies forming a human mountain to breach the wall in Jerusalem.  But beyond that and a few tense moments the movie was average.  Again this could all just be me cause I’m not a fan of heads exploding and watching people kills zombies in unique ways like with a Barbie doll or Rolodex.

It certainly wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen by a long shot, so if zombies are your thing go for it.


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