West Wing Finished

I finally finished The West Wing, although I’m admittedly about 7 years late.  After watching it and enjoying it as much as I did I’m ashamed to say it took me this long to do it.  It’s moved right into my top 5 network shows, and might be in my top 5 shows of all time regardless of network.  After having watched House of Cards, Scandal, and now West Wing I absolutely prefer to think of our government being filled with personalities like Leo and CJ as opposed to sleazeball Frank Underwood and dickwad Cyrus Beene.  Below I just wrote down some of my thoughts on the show. SPOILER ALERT.

  • If everyone in DC had the attitude of Sam Seaborn we’d be dominating everyone else in the world right now.
  • The episode when Mrs. Laningham died was the first time I’ve welled up watching tv or a movie in a long long time.  That was crushing.
  • Playing Dire Straits Brothers in Arms at the end of season 2 was awesome.
  • CJ doing the Jackel was one of the funniest moment on the show
  • I could have done without the assassination attempt and kidnapping, but it’s a television show so I get it.
  • Toby was my favorite character on the show, despite his transgressions.
  • Donna grew on me as the show moved along.
  • Will there be a hotter first lady than Abbey Bartlet?
  • The show finished shockingly strong with the election of President Santos.  How many shows just peter out.
  • Was Josh based on Rahm Emanuel?
  • I don’t know who else could have played President Bartlet.  Sheen was spectacular the whole way through
  • Dule Hill should have done better than getting set to USA to do another show
  • With the exception of using pagers the show really didn’t feel dated at all
  • I miss John Spencer and I didn’t even know the guy
  • Absolutely re-watchable, I’m sure I’ll be watching again soon



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