Bragging About Friends Again

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Maybe it’s obnoxious, but this doesn’t get old for me.  Once again a close friend of mine has dedicated their time and hard work to their passion/career and are beginning to see stunning results.  Knowing Tanner as well as I do, we’ve been friends since we were five, he’ll be mortified when he sees that I published this on my blog.  But he’ll have to get over it.

After graduating law school Tanner accepted a job with the DA’s office in Philadelphia.  It’s the perfect job for him.  He gets to argue with others, hear himself talk (I mean that in a kind way), and serve the city he grew up near.  To the surprise of nobody that knows him Tanner took to prosecuting with the same success Harry Potter took to magic.  And now the hard work of Tanner and the others in Philadelphia’s District Attorney’s office are seeing results.  Take the time to read the article and if you see Tanner or someone else you know who works for the District Attorney buy them a beer and thank them for all the difficult and time consuming work that they do.


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