What I Miss Most In Chicago

The list of things I miss about living in Chicago is long, but at the top of the list is Sunday Family Dinner.  Not every Sunday, but often enough The Fort/Treehouse/YouthHostel/BlanketFort/Wrightwood (my apt), the girls apartment a.k.a. The Nunnery, and any alumini annexes (with the exception of the Edith Spurlock Sampson Annex) would get together to eat, drink an appropriate amount, and squeeze the last bit of enjoyment out of the weekend.  The food was always good and the conversation typically danced the line of  kosher dinner conversation.  Some of the less savory topics included gerbils and 50 Shades of Grey.  Low brow humor is where I do best though, so these were some of the best times I had in Chicago.  The meals were our Big Chill moment, minus the jerry curls, gratuitous butt shots, and machismo of Tom Berringer’s mustache.

Well thanks to the Nunnery and the rest of the crew I got to experience another family dinner while back in Chicago.  And after dinner there is really only one options post drinks, The Wrightwood Tap.  So a HUGE thank you to Ted, Sammy, Robin, Scott, Mr. Bo, Bernie, Jilly, Sarah, Coach, and Jay for indulging me one more time.

As for Pager, Will, Katie, Carrie, Tommy, you all were missed.

This is the only photo from the night, with super hostess Jilly.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 5.05.38 PM




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