Canada Summary

A 21 one man and one female expedition to the North Country

  • Crossed the Canadian border without mention of an expired passport
  • Completed drive from Philadelphia to Magnetawan Canada in 12 hours with one stop in Scranton, PA and one in Courtland, NY
  • Awoke to friends that smelled at 7 AM thanks to their own 13 hour trip from NYC
  • Lounged on dock
  • Lounged on dock
  • Drank beers and lounged on dock
  • Drank beers lounged on dock and argued about sports
  • Began what would turn out to be the most epic and closely fought relay race of all time.
  • More Canadian beers
  • Invited a new game called “Charlie” where we dump one friend in the middle of the lake with water skies while the other people in the boat drive by the dock and taunt those on the dock as the dock members attempt to hit the boat passengers with a three man water balloon launcher.
  • Dinner
  • Canadian beer
  • Sleep
  • Breakfast
  • Beer run
  • Canadian Open
  • 5th place finish after the round robin, but won 5 dollar bet on taking the under on the dog getting 4.5 wins
  • Passed out while Javier continued his reign of terror on the Corners tournaments.
  • Breakfast
  • Lounging
  • Drinking and Lounging
  • Sat on water trampoline, while others made futile attempts to get onto trampoline via the  (Funniest moment of the trip)
  • Softball game
  • Sucked terribly at softball
  • Hit game winning run and finished the game as a three rung below adequate softball player
  • Dock Time
  • Beers
  • Dock Time
  • Charlie
  • Dinner
  • Beers while we all hung onto the last few hours of the trip
  • Drive home
  • Minimal resistance at US border.

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