Million Dollar Idea: Top Gun Brewery

Alright so here is my elevator pitch.  95% of Americans loves the movie Top Gun.  95% of Americans also love beer (I’m sure my numbers are close).  Why not bring the two together to form the next great craft brewery.  The label will obviously have a MiG on it and the tap handles will be in the shape of MiGs.  As for the beer names there are dozens of options.  The standard Maverick Pale Ale, the Iceman Winter Lager, the Goose IPA, the Hollywood Summer Shandy, the Jester Stout, or for the ladies You’ve Lost That Love And Feeling Cider.  I could go on.  I think I speak for a many members of the male population, or at the very least members of the ADD population, when I say I can be easily influenced into buying something because of a cool name or label.  And since Top Gun’s release in 1986 there have only been a handful of things as cool as Top Gun, like the internet and keyless entry.  I don’t need to see any of the profits, just promise me an open seat at the bar and free beers whenever I come into the bar.

On a semi-related note, I was discussing with a couple of my friends there are certain jobs I’d like my close friends to have in order to enhance my own life.  One of them being a brewery/restaurant owner.  Other occupations of friends that would improve my life would be doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, someone that can always get you tickets, famous person, and chef.


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