The Definitive Binge Watching Checklist

If you are going properly binge yourself on a television show, make sure all the boxes below are checked before you dive head first into Mad Men, Breaking Bad, or whatever your poison might be.

  1. A Netflix streaming or Amazon Prime account.  This should be pretty self explanatory.
  2. The ability to stay up late.  If you have roommates or a time consuming job you can’t occupy the television all night during the normal television watching hours.  There could be a game on.  You could be working late or your roommate might be watching WWE.  So if you are going attack a show you’re going need to commit to watching episodes late at night when the rest of the world is sleeping.
  3. A desolate social calender.  Binge watching is a major time commitment so if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or a busy schedule then finishing the entire Wire series in 4 weeks is going to be difficult.  You’re going need to turn your phone off and shut out your friends if you’re going to properly binge a series.
  4. A show that is at least 10 hour long episodes.  Watching the first season of Entourage is not binge watching.  That can be accomplished during a lunch break at work.  You need to find a show that will wipe out an entire half a day at the very least.  HBO shows are good for beginner bingers, you don’t want to jump right into something like the 22 episodes of Lost season 1 if you haven’t done it before.
  5. A comfortable couch.  If you are watching a show on your computer a bed works just as well.  But if you watch from a nice comfortable couch you tend to be more engaged in the show and less likely to pass out and miss pivotal events like Lyla cheating on Street with Riggins.
  6. Sweatpants.  Not only should the furniture you sit be comfortable your clothing should be as well.  If you are binge watching a show, you’re dancing the line of being a complete sloth so embrace it and throw on sweats.  Just don’t go outside without showering and changing first.
  7. Suspension of a go get ’em attitude.  If you are someone who needs to be active all the time then binging Brothers and Sisters might not be for you.  If you are going watch 4 hour long episodes in one sitting you are going need to be ok that you skipped yoga or didn’t do your laundry.
  8. A feeling of being left out of the conversation.  This right here is your motivation to watch the show as quickly as possible.  You don’t want to be the mute at the table during lunch cause you can’t discuss the death of Gus or what happened in Don Draper’s childhood.  So to correct this you need to get watching right away.
  9. Beverages, preferably ones with caffeine.  This is a marathon not a sprint.  Finishing a show is going take time and energy so don’t forget to hydrate whether it be with Mountain Dew, water, coffee, or Capri Sun.
  10. Snack food.  You’re spending hours and hours on your couch sitting and similar to the beverages you are going need to re-fuel.  So make sure your kitchen is stocked with Cheeze-Its, Lay’s, Smart Food, or whatever you prefer.  The only rule is it can’t be any sort of healthy snack like carrots or Chia chips.  You’re making a conscience decision to sit on your couch for hours on end without any exercise so go all the way with it.  Eating a healthy snack during binging is like wearing a fedora on a first date.  It’s ineffective and you just look like a fool.

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