Eagles Practice

This afternoon I went to one of the Eagles open practices with my buddies Steve and Kevin.  It was incredibly hot because it’s August and to my surprise the Eagles had a decent turn out for a PRACTICE.  Here are a few more thoughts I have on today.

  • I can understand why Allen Iverson wasn’t a fan of practice.  It’s boring and there are a million and one more fun things to be doing on a Sunday.  With that being said he was stilled getting paid to go.
  • Chickie & Pete’s Crab Fries and cheese sauce are spectacular, but definitely not $ 10.50 spectacular.
  • If I had club level seats for every Eagles game I wouldn’t mind at all going in November.  Sadly I don’t see club level seats in my immediate future
  • Practice didn’t seem any quicker to me than any other football practice I’ve seen.
  • DL Clifton Geathers is the biggest human being I’ve seen on a football field.  He has the same dimensions as a Taco Bell.
  • The better players go through every rep hard.  Trent Cole and Connor Barwin were the two that stood out in this respect.  I guess it’s true you play how you practice.
  • The giant flyswatters Kelly used against the QB’s is brilliant, I can’t believe teams haven’t been using them for years
  • The music Kelly played during practice did make the event more entertaining
  • As boring as practice can be, it’s a brilliant move from a PR standpoint for the Eagles.
  • The wide receiver group looks thin with both Benn and Maclin out for the season.  Someone else is going need to step up opposite Jackson.

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