Lee Daniel’s The Butler’s Casting Decisions

Last week Lee Daniel’s The Butler came out in theaters and I couldn’t be more jacked up.  I’m a total sap and the trailer hooked me immediately.  Swooping orchestra music, Oprah breathlessly saying, “everything you are and everything you have is cause of that butler,” and of course the return of Cuba Gooding Jr. to relevant movies.  The movie has some Oscar buzz and an enormous cast that will make for a great IMDB trivia question one day.  My only concern going into this film is some of the casting decisions made.  I’m certainly no professional, but some of the decisions I question just a little bit.  This is what I mean.

Robin Williams as Dwight Eisenhower

Liev Schrieber as Lyndon Johnson

John Cusack as Richard Nixon

Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan

Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan

James Marsden as John Kennedy


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