An Accidental Hipster In Photos

If there is anyone to blame for my trailblazing adolescent fashion it is my mother.  I can assure you 90% of the choices made in the photos bellow were not my own.  These photos do go a long way in explaining how I’ve gotten to the place I’m at now as far as my fashion goes.  Once an original, always an original.  Thanks Nancy……

parachute pantsFirst up the checkered parachute pants, red suspenders, short-sleeve white button down, and red undershirt.  Am I going to a formal party in Bushwick or am I getting ready work as a line cook nobody knows.

full body shotHere you’ll notice a letterman jacket with patches that display different professional baseball teams.  As for the pants, if you guessed cars stuck in the daily grind of traffic you are correct.  These were statement pants, the statement being I was never going conform and be part of the rat race.

album coverPolo shirt with Osh-Kosh B’Gosh overalls, both buttons fastened because that is how hipsters roll.  And for some added flair a Fuji Film bicycle hat.  The photo cuts off my messenger bag and fixed gear with training wheels.

Thug LifeThe hardest look you’ll see me giving in the collection.  I knew I was being photographed and just didn’t give a fuck, cause I’m fly.  Outfit a Canadian tuxedo with a red polo replacing the jean button down.  Oversized flat brim to finish it off.  Like Bodie from the Wire I always kept the count right.

Scan 9One piece tuxedo for new years.  I think I’m even pretending to hold a cigarette in my right hand.  What more needs to be said?


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