Fantasy Football Draft Recap

Last night myself and the other members of The Kieve B Is For Better league celebrated our leather anniversary with another gong show of a draft.  The Google hangout worked for only so long.  Bedtimes were ignored.  Actual work was delayed until the next day.  We all talked over one another cause that is how we communicate and each of us felt we had the funniest thing to say at that moment.  And what seemed like 15 hours later we finished our draft, with half the teams not having a complete roster.  It’s the Kieve way.  Per usual I had cash to burn at the end.  This is the 3rd draft in a row this has happened.  You’d think I would have learned by now, but nope.  I’m as bad at managing my money as Andy Reid is at managing the clock.  Here’s how my roster turned out.


E.J. Manuel and Andrew Luck

In our league we have to play two quarterbacks and I’m relying on a rookie and a second year QB.  Not off to a very good start.

Running Backs

Lesean McCoy and Eddie Lacy

Again relying on a rookie, but McCoy I’m pumped about.  Big big big season ahead.

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones, Cecil Shorts, and Kenny Britt

Happy about Jones, concerned about everyone else.  Shorts has the abysmal Blaine Gabbert throwing to him and Britt is about as reliable as a weatherman.  Hello waiver wire!

Tight End

Jimmy Graham

The savior of my squad.


Pittsurgh Steelers

Relying more on history of success than talent with this one.


Randy Bullock

Who cares it’s a kicker


Shane Vereen, Golden Tate, and Greg Jennings

Belicheck does weird things with his team so maybe Vereen becomes a player.  As for the other two total shots in the dark.

And I’ll now flush my 50 dollars down the toilet.


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