5 Journalists I’d Like To Write Like

Someday I’m hoping I can be half as successful, funny, engaging, and original as these guys.  Can this be a belated birthday wish?


Bill Simmons – Simmons is the one who really inspired me to write and consume as much information from the web, books, and television as I can.  His columns showed me that it’s alright to be personal in your stories and that liking the Real World is not something to be embarrassed about.

Andy Greenwald – I enjoy reading Alan Sepinwall’s articles on popular television, but I prefer Greenwald.  Maybe it’s cause he’s from Philly, or maybe it’s cause I tend to agree with his views on television content such as mindless killing isn’t that entertaining and racist jokes are tired, not funny, and repugnant at this point.

Matt Taibbi – I’ve mentioned Taibbi on here before, and of the course of a few months I’ve finished all but one of the books he’s written.  Anyone who has the ability to make me laugh while reading a book about the financial crisis of 2007 has a real gift.

Thomas Friedman – Friedman’s articles post 9/11 are what convinced me that having a greater knowledge of what is going on in the world outside of popular culture is important.  I don’t always agree with Friedman, but with each article it is apparent he has taken the time to carefully give his opinion and reasoning behind that opinion.

John Abrams – My favorite young writer today.  He’s an accomplished writer and continually finds topics to cover that are out of left field.


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