Eagles Chargers Review

Well that was a splash of cold water to the face.  After the win last week people were weeping in the streets of Philadelphia and ready to road trip up to NYC for an Eagles vs. Whoever Super Bowl.  And while I admit it was easy to get swept up in the excitement last week, the truth is this is a mediocre football team in transition.  The offense is new.  The defense is new.  The talent is minimal.  This is definitely a game the Eagles could have won, and if they were a true contender they would have done so.

Kelly’s Green

Yes the new Eagles coach has some learning to do when it comes to strategy in the NFL.  It would have benefited the pathetic Eagles defense if Kelly would have bleed more time off the clock before kicking the game tying field goal.  Oh well, it’s something he’ll learn.  The players aren’t the only ones learning on the job here, Kelly is too.  I’m not going crucify the guy for a mistake, as long as he learns from it down the road.

Nate Allen’s Big Day

No it wasn’t a big day on the field for Nate Allen.  He missed tackles and blew a number of assignments.  It was a big day for Nate Dog because he was inducted into my pantheon of most hated Eagles.  His statue will be placed in between Jason Babin and Blaine Bishop.  Other former Eagles in the pantheon include Antone Davis, Jim Washburn, Al Harris, Todd Pinkston, and of course Mark Simoneau, who has the biggest statue on the hallowed grounds.

Mychal Kendricks

This week young Mychal made me look silly when I said he’d be a household name by season’s end.  He got abused all day by Antonio Gates.  Just hoping he turns in a better performance next week.


Can’t complain at all about Vick’s game this week.  He was spectacular.  He missed Desean deep a couple times, but for the most part he was fantastic.  The best part of his performance might be the fact that he didn’t turn the ball over at all.  That’s big for Michael, cause if the Eagles didn’t protect the football they might not have been in the game till the end.

Ohhhhhh The Defense

At the end of the day the defense only forced San Diego into 1 punt while only recording 2 tackles for a loss and a single sack.  The two forced fumbles were certainly a positive, but relying on that to bail you out isn’t wise.  The defense has a looooooooong ways to go.  Right now they are sports movie bad, meaning they look like the Angels before Chris Lloyd and real angels help the ball club out in Angels in the Outfield or the Mighty Ducks before they were the Ducks and were just Distract 5.

You Forgot The Points

The Eagles left a total of 11 points out on the field today.  The first time was when James Casey dropped a touchdown pass that hit him right in the hands, resulting in an Eagles field goal.  The next was a 46 yard field goal attempt Alex Henry missed.  46 yards isn’t a chip shot, but the good kickers make that with ease, especially considering it was a beautiful Philly afternoon, which happens like 8 times  between September 1st and May 1st.  The third time the team left points out there was when Vick completed a touchdown pass to Desean Jackson that was negated by a Lane Johnson holding penalty that had no effect on the play.  Again the Eagles settled for a field goal.  If the Eagles convert just one of those they either win or at least get a shot in overtime.  Elite teams don’t leave points on the field.

Flags Flags Flags!!!

The Eagles racked up another 9 penalties this week bringing their two week total to 17.  This is something to monitor going forward, cause this team certainly isn’t talented enough to overcome a bunch of penalties each week.

1 If By Land 2 If By Air

Yes Lesean was limited to only 53 yards on the ground today, but he racked up 114 receiving yards.  Desean meanwhile added 193 yards through the air and could easily have had more if Vick hits him on one of the deep throws or if Johnson didn’t commit that lame penalty.  I’ve got a lot of faith in Kelly and this offense.  Right now the Eagles have the leading rusher in McCoy and receiver in Jackson.

Gus Bradley

Bradley was as close to becoming the Eagles coach as you can get without actually putting on the headset.  Like a mean girl in a 90’s teen movie Chip Kelly saw what Gus Bradley was about to get and decided to flash Jeff Lurie some leg to snatch the coaching job away from Bradley.  So Bradley was left with taking the Jaguars job and since then the two coaches have been linked in the Philly media.  Most people in Philly wanted the defensive minded Bradley.  Well two games in and his team is 0-2 and have only put 11 points on the board, two of which were a safety.  Granted every team’s situation is different, but the Jaguars were picking second this past draft and the Eagles were picking 4th so they were fairly close to one another in terms of talent.  The Jaguars don’t have a player of McCoy’s caliber, but other than that the talent levels aren’t that far off.

Managing Expectations

As I said at the beginning of the post this is at least a rehab project if not a complete rebuild.  Kelly inherited a team with a couple nice skill position players, a solid OL, a QB that is on the decline and has never been elite, and a defense without any real talent outside of Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks.  Barwin was a nice addition, but the rest of the players brought in like Cary Williams, Pat Chung, and Isaac Sopoaga were cap friendly more than anything else.  That’s fine with me though cause as the “Dream Team” and Dan Synder has taught us you can’t win by loading up on free agents.  For the 1,274,874 time you win by building a team through the draft.  So with that in mind this team’s absolute ceiling is probably 10-6 and the basement is around 5-11.  With the NFC East being the worst division in football 8-8 could very well win the division so the Eagles are still very much in this.

Super Bowl Eliminator

NY Jets – Geno Smith Geno Smith Geno Smith Geno Smith Rex Ryan Geno Smith Chris Ivory Geno Smith Geno Smith.

Cleveland Browns – Poor poor Cleveland.  At least Ohio has the Buckeyes this year.  The defense looks decent but that offense is atrocious. 



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