Netflix Life Coach

If you are a regular reader of my blog I’m sure you’ve become acutely aware that since moving home I’ve developed a close relationship with my Netflix account since my social life has gone down the toilet for the most part.  Having spent so much time with my account has begun to show because when I scroll down the main page to see what suggestions Netflix has come up with for me they are frighteningly on point.  So I started to wonder, what if my Netflix account started to offer life advice in addition to movies and television shows, but in a really harsh Schmidt from New Girl kind of way.  This is what I think my account would be saying to me by now.

Because you watched 4 seasons of Brothers & Sisters over the span of a month we suggest you turn in your man card!

Hey, we noticed you watched Top Gun for the 115th time.  Get over it!

We just suggested 8 reality t.v. shows for you, do you think it might be time to reassess your life decisions?

Because you stopped Desperado right after the nude scene we suggest you either go on a date or try to find a girlfriend.

Please rate Requiem For A Dream, so that we can give you some therapist suggestions

You recently watched Along Came Polly, Runaway Bride, and 50 First Dates you know life isn’t a Rom Com right?


Activities featuring the outdoors, running, biking, walking, seeing friends.

Get up fatty!


One thought on “Netflix Life Coach

  1. Haha, hilarious and frightening. Mine would say “you’re not in high school anymore, lay off the Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. It’s not cute.”

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