Ohio State v Florida A&M University: The Massacre

When the final score of a game is 76-0 there is not a whole lot of knowledge gained about either team.  We knew coming into the game Ohio State was a better team.  All Saturday did was confirm that notion and illustrate just how wide the gap is between elite football programs and the ones at the bottom.  After the game the national media jumped on Ohio State for scheduling such an overmatched opponent and that is fair.  All major programs schedule games like this and it is unfair to just about everyone involved.  The fans don’t get to see a competitive football game and of course leave half way through.  The players from the winning side don’t learn much.  The players on the losing side have to deal with humiliation.  BUT, Florida A&M gets to pocket a rather large check for sacrificing their football team to the Horseshoe Temple.  I know at most schools the football program receives the most money and attention, but at somewhere like Florida A&M I hope the other student athletes go up to the football players and thank them for jumping on the OSU grenade.  The check FAMU received will go to fund the other sports the school competes in, and those other teams can thank the football players for new uniforms, spring break trips to play other schools, and cushier bus seats.  With that out of the way back to attempting to find some takeaways from this beat down.

Kenny G

Career backup QB Kenny Guiton has found his way into OSU’s record books by throwing a school record 6 touchdown passes in a single game.  Yes it was against FAMU, but I don’t think that matters much to Kenny or the Guiton family.  From everything written about him and from what Urban Meyer has said publicly it couldn’t happen to a more dedicated player.  I am sure this coming week there will be some people out there calling for Guiton to start over Miller.  This won’t happen, but it’s pretty damn impressive to even raise a debate about who should start when the competition is the Heisman frontrunner at the beginning of the season.

TE Usage

Guiton was completing balls all over the field, but it was good to see the tight ends more involved today.  Heuerman caught four balls for 43 yards and a touchdown, while Nick Vannett caught 2 passes for 27 yards.  Since Meyer got to OSU we’ve been hearing about how the tight ends were going be used more.  16 games into Meyer’s OSU coaching career and I’ve yet to really see it, so maybe this is a hint at things to come.

DL Pressure

OSU was able to pressure the FAMU QB all day, but that really isn’t something to hang your hat on.  Through the first four game OSU hasn’t been wreaking havoc in opposing backfields.  If they want to look like a team that can compete with the big boys like Bama and LSU they are going have to start totaling more sacks than they have so far.  With a veteran group of defensive backs Luke Fickell should feel comfortable leaving them in man coverage and blitzing more.

The 6 Deep

It looks like Ohio State can go six deep at running back.  With the return of Carlos Hyde I don’t know how Meyer finds the carries for everyone.  I’m guessing going forward the depth chart will read Hyde, Hall, Wilson, Smith, Elliot, Ball.  With the conference schedule beginning from here on out we won’t see much of freshman Warren Ball or Ezekiel Elliot.  But the two of them definitely are going be a big part of the OSU running game starting in 2014 when Hall and Hyde both graduate.  The odd man out in all of this is Brionte Dunn, who received some playing time last year as a freshman.  I’m guessing by next year Dunn will have moved on to another program.

4th Down

OSU went 4-4 on 4th down this week.  That’s great news, at the same time though the hope is that the offense won’t need four downs to get a first with much more stiff competition on the horizon.  It’s great to see them convert, but hopefully there will be fewer instances when they need to as the season progresses.

Joey Bosa

When Adolphus Washington went down with a groin injury a couple weeks back the true freshman DL from Florida stepped into the starting lineup.  And judging from the way he has played he’s going be a good one.  When Washington returns next week Vrabel is going need to find a way to keep Bosa on the field.  Bosa is 6’6″ and right around 300 lbs, sort of in that J.J. Watt mold, in body type only obviously.  Thus far Bosa has spelled Washington on the end and moved inside to tackle on obvious passing downs.  His career trajectory so far reminds me of Cameron Heyward and having another Heyward on roster would certainly be an exciting prospect.

2nd Team Reps

So far OSU hasn’t been able to get the second team offense and defense many game reps this year.  On Saturday that changed which I’m sure is invaluable to the development of the young players.  It’s also fun to see the new faces out on the field like Vonn Bell, Trey Johnson, Jalin Marshall, and Jamal Marcus.  The big winner of the backups though was RB Ezekiel Elliot, who I discussed briefly earlier.  Elliot finished the game with 162 rushing yards.  Happy he decided to become a Buckeye in the end and not sign with his home school of Missouri.


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