Eliminating Super Bowl Contenders

In the past two weeks I’ve included the teams I think we can eliminate from Super Bowl contention at the bottom of my Eagles write up, but since the Eagles played on Thursday this week before we got to see everyone else I thought it’d be best to wait even though I had a pretty good idea of who I would be able to name at the end of the week.  So without further ado here’s a couple more teams heading for the toilet and a chance to draft Teddy Bridgewater, Jadeveon Clowney, or Louis Nix.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

To use the easiest of metaphors, the ship is sinking down in Tampa Bay.  Since the season began there are reports of Schiano Chicagoing (rigging) the captains election so that his QB Josh Freeman would be unseated, immediately followed by players and coach Schiano stating that they are “100% behind” “rallying around” or any other stock line used to show public support for a QB that is a dead man walking.  All of this without even mentioning the report that star cornerback Darrell Revis had been upset with his coach as well.  That’s just the gossip that has swirled around the team like an episode of Playmakers.  Once looking at the team’s numbers to date things are much worse.  After 3 weeks Freeman is completing 45% of his passes and has thrown 2 touchdowns to 3 interceptions giving him a QB rating of 59.3%, which would be an F if he were still in school.  To be fair though the team could have won either of their first two games of the season if not for dumb penalties (David) or a missed FG (Lindell).  This week though the team didn’t put up much of a fight against the Patriots now putting them at 0-3.  As an outside observer I begin to wonder if Schiano is losing the team, at which point you have to wonder if the guy doesn’t have one eye on the Bucs and another on returning to the college game where he had success with Rutgers.  No matter how poorly this Tampa Bay team finishes Schiano will have multiple schools lined up for his services if he wishes to return to a college campus.

New York Giants

This one I’m writing with a Giant (get it) smile on my face.  As an Eagles fan I’m obligated to hate the Giants, which their fans make all the easier with their obnoxious attitude.  The Giants are averaging a league worst 44 yards a game rushing.  Some of that you can attribute to David Wilson and some of that you can attribute to the team falling behind and having to throw more.  But that doesn’t make it any better because all that means is that the defense sucks.  Through three weeks they’ve given up 115 points, granted one of those teams was Denver, but this week they were playing the win-less Panthers who shut them out 38-0.  As bad as the defense has been though Eli has been worse.  He’s on pace this season to throw 43 interceptions.  4-3.  He’s already lapped Mike Vick twice in the turnover department and that’s difficult to do.  Some out there have said the team is just old, which isn’t true.  The truth is the team hasn’t done a good job replacing their old players in recent years.  The interior of the OL is on the older side, being just over 30, but that isn’t THAT old for those positions.  As for their tackles, Will Beatty is 28 years old and Justin Pugh is a rookie.  Age isn’t the issue, talent is as the team has given up 11 sacks already this year.  On the defensive side of the ball the Giants have been as effective as a mesh condom, evidenced by the paltry 3 sacks and 2 interceptions they have totaled so far this year.  Coughlin has dug him self out of holes before, and could very well again considering his team is in the NFL’s worst division this year, but an 0-3 start is going be hard to overcome when you consider they still have to play defenses like Chicago, Kansas City, and Seattle and offenses like Green Bay, Philadelphia, and Detroit.

Suck it Will.


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