Nothing Was The Same

So Drake might have over shot it a little in the claim that “nothing was the same,” but an A+ for the ambition.  The general response to NWTS so far has been positive and that Drake is the rapper for the Millennial generation.   I think it’s an accurate statement on the deeper level most critiques are talking about, but I’m 100% positive it’s true based on the references Drizzy uses throughout the album.  Naming one song Wu-Tang Forever and using Mase’s verse from Mo Money Mo Problems are big ones.  Here are some more I picked up on while listening to the album 40 times in a row, which I’m sure made people on Spotify who follow me think that their feed was broken.


Tatyana Ali

Prince Akeem

Maury Povich


Cash Money/ #1 Stunna

Dan Marino

Homie The Clown

Keith Sweat


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