Gameday Photos

A big THANK YOU to my roommate and best friend Tina Ferrari for the assist with the photos.

photo(9)This is tailgating commitment.  That bucket the dish is in is filled with cement.

photo(20)My old roommates and I together again.  Go Bucks.  Go 2081 Waldeck.  And yes I hadn’t purchased an OSU shirt yet.

photo(10)Didn’t have the discipline not to eat before taking the picture.  BBQ pulled pork sandwich with Mac & Cheese bites and slaw.  Unreal.  Probably for the best food trucks weren’t big when I was at OSU.


Standard sea of red at the Out-R-Inn.  The best bar at OSU.

photo(12)The adult part of me thought that the Out-R-Inn might need to do something about their bathrooms.  The college part of me said no way.

photo(21)The scene on Lane Ave before game time.  This is why we can’t have nice things at college.

photo(11)Lane Ave and High Street.

photo(17)Me and Teens somewhere about 5 rows from the top.

photo(18)TBDBITL at halftime playing Wagon Wheel, while rocking like a wagon wheel.


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