Throwback Thursday Music Video

The year was 2002.  The President of the United States was George W. Bush.  The celebrity wedding of the year was the Lachey and Simpson nuptials.  The “IT” show was American Idol.  And the drink of choice was Courvoisier.

Best Facts About The Video

  • It features not one, but TWO Oscar winners, Jamie Foxx and Monique.  Has that ever happened before?  There are as many Oscar winners in Shawshank Redemption as there are in this video.
  • Pharrell simulates animal coitus under a pool table and apparently stopped aging around that time as well.
  • The last third of the video was inspired by Rush Hour 2.  How many times has that sentence been said?  Twice?
  • The video and song led to a NYTimes article with the following quote, ”Pass the Courvoisier’ has changed the rules,” said Biff Warren, a spokesman for Busta Rhymes. ”Courvoisier is in the title and the chorus. It is itself a character in the video. It has a different meaning in that sense because Busta and P. Diddy are so big now that everything they touch becomes popular and sells. But that’s not what they’re thinking about. They’re thinking about the music.” –NYTimes Article
  • The article also went on to say Busta prefers Hennessy.
  • Busta and Puffy both use the Courvoisier as a weapon showcasing the versatility of the adult beverage.
  • Jamie Foxx performs the first twerk in a music video.

Best Lyrics

  • “Rockin the fur coat bringin the blue fox out”-Diddy  (WTF is the blue fox?)
  • [Rhymes] Too much hair on your chocha
    [P. Did] Shave it off  (That’s incredibly vulgar)

Best YouTube Comments

  • I’m walking down the isle to this song. Fuck here comes the bride. PASS THE Courvoisier!!
  • Remember when girls danced in jeans and not thongs?
  • The part about asses getting bigger interests me. Is that possible in a short period of time?
  • i like the blue collar/noir look on busta and pharrell
  • i could NOT have been that girl under the table letting Pharell rider her ASS. But I could have been that girl dancing on the bar. Or anyone but someone letting a miniature guy ride my ass on television. That’s for private only. 😉

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