What To Do When Your Team Has A Bye Week

If there was no Bye Week, there would be no Tom Brady at clothing store openings in a Newies hat….

The Bye Week, a term that is both equal parts great and disappointing.  Obviously it’s exciting to watch your team (pro or college) week in and week out, but that devotion also leads to a to-do list that becomes as long as Antonio Cromartie’s Christmas gift list.  Between watching some of the pregame show, the game itself, post game analysis, and any other game you might fall into watching the available hours to be a productive adult vanish like a roll of TP in a frat house.  It’s all worth it though because you get to watch your team play, and hopefully win.

The advantage of the Bye Week is it gives you an opportunity to finally breath for a weekend and not stress over whether or not your team’s quarterback will attempt to set a new record for turnovers in a game.  It also gives you a chance to do some things that you might normally do in the spring or summer, but cease to happen when Labor Day rolls around.  Of course there are always the fantasy football implications you have to deal with because of the Bye Week, but for the most part it’s a welcomed breather not only for the players, but also the fans who are invested in the six month long season.  So here’s a list of things you might end up doing when your team is off for the weekend.

Go for a run



Sleep in (Especially true for fans on the West Coast)



Visit your parents, grandparents, or in-laws



Have sex with your significant other



Or take them out on a date



Cook something for a change after having takeout the last 5 Saturdays



Get some GMAT, GRE, LSAT, etc studying done or actual school work if your already in

Drain the DVR



Have a wedding and not feel bad about it



Or say screw it all and just watch more football


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