And Then There Were 10

Now after getting past the toughest stretch of their schedule, most people out there believe Ohio State has the Big Ten title rapped up.  With the toughest remaining games being home games against Penn State & Iowa and a season finale road trip to Ann Arbor it isn’t much of a stretch to say OSU will reclaim their spot atop the Big Ten.  But the team and the fans have bigger aspirations, winning the National Title.  But between Ohio State’s weak schedule (accurate), the conference’s terrible perception (fair), and the belief that the Buckeyes can’t compete against the other power conference elites in BCS games (unfair, OSU is 6-3 in BCS bowls if you count the Arkansas game).  But that’s the landscape of the 2013 college football season, so while Ohio State needs to continue to take care of business on the field, they no doubt have their eye on how the rest of the undefeated teams are doing, and after this past weekend things finally began to shake out a little bit.

There were 13 unbeaten teams coming into the weekend.  And now there are only 10.  Keep the fingers crossed OSU fans.




Ohio State


Florida State






Texas Tech




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