I Own It, You Don’t


What is it?  Passionwine Visor

How was it acquired?  By buying so much Passionwine in Australia that the liquor store owner gave it to me as a thank you.  When you study abroad in Australia you quickly find out that beer is incredibly expensive and at some point make the decision to drink this wine cooler/champagne hybrid called Passionwine cause it is incredibly cheap.

How often is it worn?  Not much anymore, visors suck but I’ll make an exception for this one and on special occasions bring it out of retirement.

Does it have any features?  Yes, it has a good amount of sweat stains around the Velcro from pouring my heart and soul into my dancing.  Don’t believe me, ask the patrons of the Friend In Hand where I won the dance contest.  It also performs the standard functions of a visor and keeps the sun out of your face when your on a hellishly hot boat trip through the Great Barrier Reef with a captain and first mate reminiscent of the dickhead guides from City Slickers.


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