2013-2014 NBA Season Predictions

Bound to be wrong, but still fun to make predictions

All Rookie 2nd Team

Dennis Schroeder
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Anthony Bennett
Kelly Olynyk
Rudy Gobert

All Rookie 1st Team

Michael Carter-Williams
Victor Oladipo
Ben McLemore
Cody Zeller
Steven Adams

Most Improved Player of the Year:  Anthony Davis
Honorable Mention:  Bradley Beal and Andre Drummond

Rookie of the Year: Victor Oladipo
Honorable Mention:  Michael Carter-Williams and Ben McLemore

Defensive Player of the Year: Roy Hibbert
Honorable Mention:  Marc Gasol and Joakim Noah

Most Valuable Player: Chris Paul
Honorable Mention:  Lebron James and Kevin Durant

Eastern Conference Playoffs

8. Cleveland Cavaliers
7. Washington Wizards
6. New York Knicks
5. Detroit Pistons
4. Brooklyn Nets
3. Miami Heat
2. Indiana Pacers
1. Chicago Bulls

Western Conference Playoffs

8. Dallas Mavericks
7. Minnesota Timberwolves
6. Golden State Warriors
5. Memphis Grizzlies
4. Oklahoma City Thunder
3. Houston Rockets
2. San Antonio Spurs
1. Los Angeles Clippers

Eastern Conference Semifinals

Bulls over Nets
Heat over Pacers

Western Conference Semifinals

Clippers over Thunder
Spurs over Rockets

Eastern Conference Finals

Heat over Bulls

Western Conference Finals

Spurs over Clippers

NBA Champion

Miami Heat

I’ll be 78% wrong so don’t listen to me.


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