Predictable Opening Night Overreactions

The NBA’s opening nights for the 2013/2014 season are over and even though there 1,214 games left in the regular season it’s time to overreact to two nights of action.  Here are 10 absurd claims/questions with just two nights in the books.

1.  Will this Sixers team win too many games for Sam Hinkie?

2.  The Clippers don’t look like the championship contender we all thought they’d be!!

3.  Do Lebron and the Heat still have the drive to win one more?

4.  Is this Nets team already showing their age?

5.  Boogie Cousins can be a team leader!

6.  Dwight Howard looks happy for the first time in three years!

7.  Did the Wizards make a mistake with the Wall extension?

8.  Ellis looks at home in Big D!

9.  Do the Bulls have a third scoring option?

10.  Are the Pistons going sneak up on people this season?

It will not be until after America picks a Voice winner and a new American Idol is crowned before any questions can be answered or statements can be confirmed.  But fuck it, turn on the word vomit faucet the NBA is back.


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