5 Underrated People/Events/Things From the NBA in the 90s

1.  Magic Johnson’s Coaching and Fashion Decisions as Lakers Head Coach

The Magic Hour was bad.  The Magic Johnson head coaching experience might have been worse.  At this point few people outside of LA are aware that Magic Johnson was at one time the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.  During his short stint Magic went 5-11  in the win/loss columns and 0-16 in the fashion decision column.  Here are some of Magic’s worst suit and tie decisions along with the time he got thrown out of a game and ushered off the court by a Herve Villechaize lookalike.

Mark Cooper and The Warriors

Don Nelson and Tim Hardaway could have both applied for their SAG card in 1992.  I’m not sure who in the Warriors front office decided it was a good idea to take time out of their schedule to film an episode of Hangin With Mr. Cooper, but they did.  God bless the Warriors.  God bless TGIF.

Larry Johnson’s Gold Tooth

Now that was a fashion statement.  I can’t believe another player hasn’t copied Larry Johnson’s gold tooth since.  That thing was iconic.  Without the tooth we have no Grandmama.  At one point in time Muggsy Bogues lived inside that tooth.  I’d guess the tooth had it’s own apartment in South Beach.  If LJ were playing today his tooth would absolutely have its own Twitter account.  65% of Larry’s powers came from that tooth.  Demarcus Cousins gets one of his two front teeth replaced with a gold one tomorrow and his jersey sales go up 30% the next day and has endorsement deals lined up.

The “I Love This Game” ad campaign

We all appreciate the “Where Amazing Happens” but as far as I know this is the original.  No Justin Timberlake “Take Back The Night” necessary.  Nobody promotes their league better than the NBA and that includes the NFL.

These Sixers Jerseys

If anyone has one they’d like to sell me.  Lets be in touch.


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