20 Day Warning

You will not find me standing in line for an XBox 1. I’m not pitching a tent for PS4. But I will take a leave of absence from work just to experience the new album from Robert. The album artwork is out. The tracklist is out. 20 days left till Xmas bliss.

01. Legs Shakin’ (ft. Ludacris)

02. Cookie

03. Throw This Money on You

04. Prelude

05. Marry the Pussy

06. You Deserve Better

07. Genius

08. All the Way (ft. Kelly Rowland)

09. My Story (ft. 2 Chainz)

10. Right Back

11. Spend That (ft. Jeezy)

12. Crazy Sex

13. Shut Up

14. Tear It Up (ft. Future) [deluxe edition]

15. Show Ya Pussy (ft. Migos and Juicy J) [deluxe edition]

16. Physical [deluxe edition]

17. Every Position [deluxe edition]


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