A Short NBA Email Exchange With Dr. Jimbo Martin


As often as I can throughout the NBA season I’m going do my best to engage one of my closest friends, Dr. Jimbo Martin, in conversations and debate about the NBA. As many of my faithful (read: 5) readers know Jimbo and I blazed the midwest Kieve trail and were roommates together in Chicago for five years.  The first two spent in a two man apartment across the street from the Lincoln Park Zoo and the next three spent living in the blanket fort on Wrightwood.  During our time there were endless hours devoted to watching NBA basketball, getting over NCAA tournament early exits (Georgetown v Ohio U) and playing NBA 2K12.  All of those activities though came second to the amount of strange tail Jimbo and I paraded through the apartment during our time together.  So that last part isn’t true, but the rest is all too true.  Besides being a good roommate, Mr. Bo, as his close friends know him, is the funniest person I know and is also a rabid basketball fan, specifically for his Georgetown Hoyas and Boston Celtics. On an unrelated note if you ever need two people to perform a lip-syncing version of Freebird there are not two people on the planet who have better chemistry than Jimbo and myself.  That’s what’s going on in the photo above if you weren’t aware.  They go for $ 200 a pop on ebay when signed by the both of us.  Anyway, if you enjoy these emails and know Mr. Bo please harass him to do it more. Harass him on Twitter (@Jfxmartin) through email, Facebook, or whatever.

His emails are and will forever be in fuchsia on this blog, because that is his spirt color.

First this entire video of Popovich is great, but the question somebody asks about Parker is amazing.
Reporter:  Tell me about your fiery Franco-phile, the Parisian Torpedo Tony Parker, can he continue to be your main butter and eggs man and still cook the boys in big D?
Pop:  Am I being punked?
If you could sit down with Popovich for a night what would you ask him?

Question: If I could sit down with Spurs coach Greg Popovich for a night what questions would I ask him?

All these questions must be asked in rapid fire whilst standing over a grill with cans of lone star in hand.
(Must be in this order)
1) How many times have you seen the movie Patton?
2) How many bottles of Moxie cola do you drink in a week?
3) What is your favorite Glenn Cambell song? Is it Witchita Lineman? I though so.
4) Did you make that canoe in the garage? I thought so.
5) If socially acceptable, would you wear denim on denim while coaching?
6) What scene in Patton is the best?
7) Can you beat up Clint Eastwood?
8) Have you beat up Clint Eastwood? Did he cry?
9) Robert Duvall? Greatest Man Ever?
10) Have you ever eaten a vegetable?
11) How much longer on the ribs?
That is an incredible set of questions.  

After going over his Wikipedia page (in depth research) and doing some deep googling I read that Coach Pop at one point in time considered a career in the CIA, but ultimately decided against it.  However after graduating from the Air Force Academy with a major in Soviet Studies, he conveniently toured with the U.S. Armed Services team in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.  Can this really just be a coincidence or are you of the belief (like me) that Popovich was absolutely a spy during that time?  Honestly it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for me to believe he is still a CIA operative right now.  The guy picks a team that looks like the League of Nations.  As of last night he had Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Marco Belinelli, Tiago Splitter, Boris Diaw, Aron Baynes, Patty Mills and some guy named  Nando De Colo on his team.  How else can you explain his decision to retain the 300 pound Diaw who averaged 5.8 points, 3.4 rebounds and suspect D in 22 minutes a game?  I think Boris is his top European spy, and he just deals with his inefficiency on the court.  Parker, just the opposite, great on the court terrible field agent because he too often fails collecting intelligence due to shtupping European models all the time.  When they bring in a seven footer from China that will all but confirm my suspicion.  

This also feels like a terrible NBC drama for next fall called “Zone D” with James Cromwell playing the Popovich role and Wood Harris (Avon from the Wire) as his best player and lead agent.  We might have something here.  If they green lit “The Firm” tv series I am confident we can pitch them his and get a positive response.
Please cast all the Spurs for this new hit series, “Zone D”.

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