Jason Kidd’s $ 50,000 Spill

I’m assuming most people saw this Wednesday night since ESPN broke it down as if it was the NBA’s equivalent of the Zapruder film.  But for the six people without television, Kidd’s Nets were out of timeouts and he needed some time to draw up a play so in a brilliant move of gamesmanship he had Tyshawn Taylor walk into him causing him to spill his drink on the court, forcing the refs to call a timeout for the clean up.  Lawrence Frank (he’s the balding ginger) makes a great face after seeing the spill.  Unfortunately the play didn’t work out and the Nets lost again.  The play probably didn’t work since the Lakers were in on the plan, literally.  Take a look at the Nets huddle.

The fall out of the game though was a $ 50,000 fine for Kidd.  That’s got to be a tough email to receive from David Stern on Thanksgiving.  I feel like it went something like this;

Dear Jason, 

We’ve reviewed the tape here at NBA headquarters, and decided that your spill was staged.  For that we are levying a $ 50,000 fine.  Enjoy  explaining it to the wife.  Don’t forget I’m retiring by choice, and not out of necessity.  Have a good Thanksgiving shmuck.

Warm regards,

David Stern

The NBA is just great theater.  It’s much better than the NFL at this point.


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