What NBA Dreams May Come

All of those Sixers fans that were screaming for Hinkie to trade away Hawes, Turner, and Young before the team won too many games can settle down now.  Since the euphoric 3-0 start the Sixers are 4-15 and are about to embark on the portion of their schedule that should send them plunging into the darkest recesses of the tank job.  Their season is similar to the journey Robin Williams took in the absolutely terrible movie What Dreams May Come.  He gets to heaven and everything is swell for a short while.  Then tragedy strikes and Williams willingly goes to hell (the movie says it isn’t really hell, but it is) on the off chance he can pull his wife out of there, the same way the Sixers on gleefully going to NBA hell in hopes of finding Andrew Wiggins Jabari Parker or any of the other studs in the 2014 draft.  Coincidentally Williams co-star in the film also saw his professional career take a similar path.  Cuba Gooding Jr won the best supporting actor Oscar in 1996 for Jerry MacGuire, followed that up with As Good As It Gets, and the ran off the following list of films What Dreams May Come, A Murder Of Crows, Instinct, Chill Factor, Men Of Honor, Pearl Harbor, Rat Race, In The Shadows, Zoolander (but just briefly as himself) Snow Dogs, Boat Trip, The Fighting Temptations, and Radio then sending him into Hollywood “Straight to DVD” hell.  To the relief of the few Cuba fans that remain, myself included, he resurfaced this year in Lee Daniel’s The Butler, and was the most entertaining speaking member of the cast.  John Cusak’s prosthetic Nixon-ish nose stole the show in my opinion.

The Sixers are 1-8 on the road this season, and starting tomorrow will be playing 10 of their next 13 games on the road.  Between December 11th and January 7th the Sixers three home games are against Portland (the hottest team in the West), Brooklyn (the most desperate team in the East), and Minnesota (maybe the best team with a below .500 record).  On the road the Sixers have second dates with Portland, Minnesota, and Brooklyn as well as games against Toronto, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Los Angeles Lakers, Denver, Sacramento, and Cleveland.  By the time the Sixers finish the most road heavy portion of their schedule they could have a 7-28 record.  Most likely they find a way to win one or two games during that time so at most they will have 9 wins through 35 games, which would put them on pace for around 20 wins on the season.  Outside of Utah and Milwaukee I don’t see any other teams coming up with only 20 wins or less.  And if any of the dozens of Sixers trade rumors come to fruition the team could be significantly worse making it more likely for them to go winless during that span on the road. So relax Philly fans, the Sixers are skipping their way down to hell and will almost definitely be there sometime after the first of the new year just as Hinkie had planned.

Sixers Last 15 Games

Record: 3-12
Number of Times Sixers Scored Over 100 Points:  6
Number of Times Sixers Scored Over 100 Points w/out OT:  3
Number of Times Opponents Held Under 105: 3


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