Sixers Xmas List

On December 15th all NBA players that signed free agent contracts over the summer will be eligible to be traded, thus opening up more options for teams to swap.  The Sixers have 3 players, Young Hawes & Turner, that have already been included in dozens of trade rumors.  So far we’ve heard about Turner going to Dallas, Cleveland Chicago, and OKC.  Hawes has been linked to Portland and OKC.  Recently insiders have guessed Young’s most likely landing spot is Houston.  It’s anybody’s guess.  From what I’ve read about Sam Hinkie he’s not likely go out and broadcast his phone conversations with other teams.  There wasn’t a whiff of Jrue Holiday getting traded on draft day until the trade was announced.  So any rumors that get floated out there probably aren’t too credible.  However I do believe Hinkie is willing to trade any of those three players if given an offer to his liking.  I can’t imagine him letting Hawes and Turner walk without getting something in return considering their play to start the season.  Young has two years left on his deal, so there is no real rush to get something for him.  Kevin Pelton at ESPN listed both Turner and Hawes among his 11 most interesting trade targets, so from the sounds of things it isn’t just the people of Philadelphia that believe their 3 veteran players are at least somewhat desired by other teams.  I have zero, repeat zero, sense of what any of the three guys are worth to other teams, but I am under the assumption that the Sixers would want back young players or picks since I don’t see them making a run to the Eastern Conference Finals unless they have Lebron renditioned and the entire Pacers team infected with Mad Cow Disease.  With that in mind it’s fun to think about who or what picks the Sixers might be able to get back in return.  So here’s my list

Pipe Dreams

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Greg Monroe

  • Monroe could very well be traded so maybe this is more likely than I believe.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

  • Hurt now, but he was playing great defense before injury.  Sixers need someone that likes to play defense

Any 2014 Unprotected picks

  • This isn’t happening unless Hinkie gives MDMA to Chris Grant or Billy King becomes the GM in Milwaukee before the deadline

NY Knicks 1st Round pick that Denver currently owns

  • There’s a good chance they turn it around somewhat and get in the playoffs, but what if things don’t get better.  I like the risk

Brooklyn Nets 1st Round pick that Atlanta currently owns

  • See above.  I think the Nets are less likely to turn it around though with Kidd as coach.  Nothing against him or his future coaching skills, but how good is anyone at a new job their first year?

Excited About

Jeremy Lamb

  • Certainly been playing better this year in OKC

Anthony Bennett

  • Liked him going into the draft, but certainly happy the Sixers don’t have him at this moment.  I find it hard to believe he’s this bad, and maybe Chris Grant panic trades him.

C.J. McCollum

  • He’s who I was hoping the Sixers would pick.  This is why I’m not a GM.

Dennis Schroder

  • Sixers could use some international flavor

Sergey Karasev

  • See above

Iman Shumpert

  • Two words, dueling flat tops

Terrence Ross

  • Played with Tony Wroten and was shooter coming out of college.  Sixers could definitely use at least one player that can shoot well.

Omar Asik

  • Was convinced he’d be a valuable asset as the Sixers go forward.  Not as exciting, but definitely a good player.

Thomas Robinson

  • He doesn’t play a whole lot with Portland, but I still believe.

2015 1st round draft picks

  • With everyone so crazed over the 2014 draft picks in 2015 seem more likely

Lucas Nogueira

  • Was described as Nerlens Noel lite coming out of the draft, so probably not an ideal fit.

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