Not Going Happen, But I Wish It Would Sixers Trade

Everyone from the NBA is up in the mix at All-Star Weekend and the NBA trade deadline is now only four days away.  For Sixers fans like myself, that means we may have seen Evan Turner, Thad Young, or Spencer Hawes in a Sixers jersey for the last time.  Contrary to what the negative Philly fans have squawked, the Sixers have not harmed their draft position at all by keeping those three players around until the deadline.  The 76ers currently have the second worst record in the league, and are in the midst of an eight game losing streak, which included back-to-back 40+ point losses.  Sam Hinkie has the Sixers right on schedule.  Shocking cause I find it hard to believe the guy who was second in command in Houston and has spent years working in the NBA knows more than Sixers fans.

So with the trade deadline now within sight rumors have swirled about where if any of the three Sixers trad chips might land.  And thus far the most consistent rumor has been Evan Turner to the Charlotte Bobcats, who are attempting to get into the playoffs.  I’d be thrilled if the Sixers dealt with Michael Jordan and the Bobcats, however having now seen Hinkie work I question if the Sixers are even in trade discussions with the Bobcats.  At the 2013 NBA Draft nobody in the media had a clue that the Sixers were dealing Jrue Holiday to Pierre and the Pelicans, and the deal was reportedly in place for days leading up to the draft.  There is also this quote from Hinkie in August regarding secrecy, “Every little edge you can get is important. There is some level of secrecy as teams try not to let on to what they’re doing. If we were to have had Nerlens Noel come in and work out before the draft, that would have caused a stir being that we had the 11th pick, and the kind of things that happened on draft night (trading Jrue Holiday to New Orleans for Noel) possibly couldn’t have been possible. So we chose not to let teams know who we are working out, and a lot of forward-thinking organizations do that with the comings and goings of potential players. We did a lot of trading in the second round and that was because people didn’t know our interest in (Arsalan) Kazemi (eventually landed in the second round via trade).”

While keeping in mind nothing may materialize between the Sixers and Bobcats here is one of the many fake trades I hope the Sixers can get done.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.36.47 AM

Since we can’t include draft picks in the trade machine here is the deal in full:

Sixers Get:

Ben Gordon’s corpse & the remaining days of his terrible contract courtesy of Joe Dumars
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Portland’s 2014 1st Round Pick

Bobcats Get:

Evan Turner
Spencer Hawes
2014 2nd Round Pick (From Houston or Brooklyn or Sixers if allowed)

Why The Sixers Do It:  The reasons are fairly simple.  First, the Sixers add a third first round pick in 2014 Draft, which they have apparently wanted for some time.  Second, they add a former 2nd overall pick in MKG, who has not performed up to where he was drafted thus far.  The Sixers though clearly have not shied away from obtaining players with broken shots like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as they have already acquired guys like MCW, Nerlens Noel, and Tony Wroten.  Kidd-Gilchrist’s biggest asset is his defensive ability, which the Sixers desperately need.  Also, playing in an uptempo offense like the one in Philly would play more to Kidd Gilchrist’s strengths, namely his athleticism which would yield more fast break points and easy looks for the second year player.  And finally the Sixers are in no rush to be great so giving a player like MKG time to work on his shot in a no pressure environment could do wonders for him.

Why The Bobcats Do It:  Now is where this trade becomes more of a pipe dream than a realistic possibility.  There are some benefits to the deal though for the Bobcats.  As stated earlier the Bobcats are trying to make the playoffs, even if it means a first round date with the Heat or Pacers.  I can understand this line of thinking since the team hasn’t really seen any success since returning pro-basketball to Charlotte.

I’m sure the fan base would like to see their team in the playoffs for a change, and the truth is they have added talent in recent years with the Al Jefferson signing and emergence of Kemba Walker.  The Bobcats also look like they have struck gold with new coach Steve Clifford.  Clifford has his team currently ranked 7th in defensive efficiency and hanging onto the 8th seed in the playoffs.  The Bobcats lead the Pistons by only a half game for the 8th seed, however since this is still the Eastern Doo-Doo Pie Conference the Bobcats are also only 3 games behind the Hawks for the 5th seed.  If they can add some talent it’s not out of the realm of possibility for the Bobcats to earn the 5th seed and a first round matchup against the Bulls/Raptors/Nets/Wizards.

The Bobcats also owe their first round pick to the Bulls if it is outside the top 10 in 2014, top 8 in 2015, and in 2016 it’s unprotected.  The Bobcats could certainly tank and get into the top 10 this year, but at some point they are going owe their pick to the Bulls, so why not get better now, excite the fan base, and get the debt owed out of the way.

The most important part of the trade though is obviously what the Bobcats would receive in return.  Turner, while having worn out his welcome here in Philly, is still a former 2nd overall pick that does have a handful of skills.  This season Turner finally realized he is much better finishing around the basket than shooting around the perimeter.  He still takes way too many jumpers, but he can create some offense when he decides to drive to the basket.  His other strong skill is his rebounding ability.  For a 2 or 3 Turner is an excellent rebounder.  He’s averaging just shy of 6 rebounds per game this season.  For a team that is terrible offensively (ranked 26th in points per game) the addition of Turner could push the needle a little bit.

Adding Hawes would also greatly help the pathetic Bobcats offense.  Hawes, unlike Turner is a good shooter, particularly behind the arc.  He’s shot 40% so far this season.  The addition of Hawes would certainly help the Bobcats long range shooting as they currently rank 29th in 3FGM per game and 17th in 3FG%.  Hawes is also a legitimate center.  Since Cody Zeller hasn’t developed quickly the Bobcats are stuck playing Jefferson, who is undersized at the 5, and Josh McRoberts at the 4.  Adding Hawes to the roster would allow the Bobcats to move Jefferson to the 4 and McRoberts to the bench.  Playing Hawes next to Jefferson wouldn’t encroach on Al’s real estate since Hawes takes a number of his shots out on the perimeter.  The duo would certainly be somewhat soft defensively, but no more than they are right now with McRoberts and Jefferson.

Even with that mediocre convincing, this trade is not much more than a wet dream for Sixers fans.  A fan can hope though.  Only four days left for Hinkie to do his thing.


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