Wishful Sixers Three-Team Trade


Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.08.46 AM

Bobcats Get:

Pau Gasol
Evan Turner
Jordan Hill

Lakers Get:

Cody Zeller
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Sixers Get:

Ben Gordon
Brendan Haywood
Pistons 2014 1st Rd Pick (Top 8 Protected)

Why the Bobcats do it: They get a true All-Star in Gasol and two nice role players in Turner and Hill without jamming up their long-term cap. With a starting five of Gasol, Jefferson, Turner, Henderson, and Walker they may even be able to challenge for the 3rd seed in the East. They are probably giving up too much since all three players are in the final year of the contract.

Why the Lakers do it: The Lakers blow. Even when Kobe returns they are going suck hard, so it is in their best interest to embrace the pathetic roster they put together this year. By adding MKG and Zeller they get two future players to develop as Kobe makes his curtain call. Since Kobe’s new contract eats up so much of the cap it’ll be hard for the Lakers to get enough pieces through free agency to play with Kobe if they are serious about giving it one last run. What might be the most enticing part of the deal for Lakers management is the deal gets them under the luxury-tax for the season.

Why the Sixers do it: They add a Detroit pick that is only top 8 protected. The Pistons right now have the league’s 10th worst record. Best case scenario the Pistons hold at 10, which would give Hinkie and the Sixers picks 2 10 and 11 going into the draft. Worst case scenario the Pistons get worse and the pick carries over to 2015 when it is only top 1 protected.

Again not happening, but we can all dream.


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