Updated Contenders Regular Season Round Robin Standings Through 2/2/2014

Oklahoma City Thunder (12-5)
Remaining Games: Clippers Rockets Spurs @Rockets @Clippers @Pacers

Indiana Pacers (7-3)
Remaining Games: Warriors @Rockets Heat Spurs @Heat Thunder

Miami Heat (7-3)
Remaining Games: @Rockets @Spurs Rockets Blazers @Pacers Pacers

Houston Rockets (7-7)
Remaining Games: @Clippers Heat Pacers Blazers @Thunder @Heat Clippers Thunder Spurs

Portland Trailblazers (8-9)
Remaining Games: @Rockets @Spurs Warriors @Heat Warriors Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers (6-10)
@Thunder Rockets Warriors @Rockets Thunder Blazers

Golden State Warriors (6-10)
Remaining Games: @Pacers @Clippers @Blazers Spurs @Spurs @Blazers

San Antonio Spurs (5-11)
Remaining Games: Heat Blazers @Warriors @Pacers Warriors @Thunder @Rockets


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