So I’m going put it all out there for you:

I’m 28 29 years young living in Chicago with 3 roommates, earn enough money to stay dry, have an uncertain future recently boomeranged home (parents are thrilled), and I’m terrified at the speed life is moving.  My degree from The Ohio State University is in finance and accounting, which is of little to no help with my current job in wine sales as a delivery boy.  Again you can imagine my parents excitement.  I’ve struggled with my weight watching it fluctuate between Wedding Crashers Vince Vaughn and Fred Claus Vince Vaughn for the last 10 years.  I inherited my dad’s back hair condition and yes I’m single.

But don’t pity me for even a second, because at the same time I have gotten to lead an incredible life so far.  I grew up just outside the greatest city in the country, Philadelphia, spent my summers between Maine and the Jersey Shore (No not the Seaside Heights version), and have an amazing family.  My friends from OSU, Chicago and the East are some of the most talented and genuine people out there.  Additionally the Buckeyes’ coach for the next 10 years is Urban Meyer until Jesus tells him to take the Notre Dame job or retire next April.

I am a sucker for fantastically terrible romantic comedies.  The most recent ones being a Tyler Perry ripoff Jumping the Broom and the Anna Ferris career killer What’s Your Number.  I have an unhealthy addiction to Slurpees, a love/hate relationship with the Philadelphia Eagles, and for the last eight years my ring tone has been the Sophie B. Hawkins classic “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover.”  My talents are limited to memorizing sports statistics, giving stirring renditions of “Like A Prayer,” at the drop of a hat, and being able to make my friends laugh at least 60% of the time which leads me to why I’m beginning this blog.

I figure instead of continuing to bombard my family and friends with my views and rants, blogging about it for the entire world to hear might be a better outlet.  Why not spare my friends and spread the burden out across the entire internet?  So my goal is to write about what interests me or irritates me until I run out of material.  It could be a while.

Stay with me.

– Andrew Adams

Questions, complaints, brunch food photos Email me:  Andrew.evan.adams@gmail.com


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