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He’s Not Coming Back

Building An NBA Champion Part 1: The Bloody Mary Analogy

The goal of any professional sports franchise is to win their league’s title.  As fans we all want the championship parade, commemorative Sports Illustrated cover, and championship t-shirt.  We want those bragging rights, to say that our team is the … Continue reading →

Hanging On To Sloopy

Every fall the Victory Bell tolls at Ohio Stadium calling Buckeye alumni, like myself, back to Columbus to take in the sites and sounds of a football Saturday at The Ohio State University campus.  The phenomenon isn’t unique to OSU … Continue reading →

Deantre Turman

Posted on August 17, 2013

Every time I see a story like the one above I pause and ask myself if I’m doing the right thing by continuing to watch football.  The trouble is I love the sport.  I loved playing it.  I love arguing … Continue reading →

5 Oral Histories I’d Be Honored To Do

Posted on June 23, 2013

Last week or so I posted the oral history of Good Will Hunting and it got me thinking.  After now having read the ESPN, MTV, and SNL oral histories along with the handful Grantland has published I can say with … Continue reading →

The Kennedy Center, Sting, And The Best Use Of A Gospel Choir In The 21st Century

Posted on March 13, 2013

The Kennedy Center Honors are held each December with the purpose of the event being to recognize the lifetime achievement of people in the arts as well as their contribution to American culture.  Past honorees have included Elton John, Robert … Continue reading →

The Greatest 4:57 in Rock N Roll/R&B History

I realize nowadays it’s common place for people to sensationalize things, but I promise if you just once watch Van Morrison’s performance of ‘Caravan’ during the Last Waltz you will be in total agreement with me.

Nostalgia Week: The Birth of Main Line Swag & Glam

So. Much. Swag. Last week my friend Nick posted this photo to Instagram and no Earlybird, Toaster, or Nashville filter was necessary to make it any more awesome.  Nick is the dapper looking gentleman in the center and that’s me … Continue reading →

Trying To Untangle the Te’o Story

For the last 24 hours this has been just about all I’ve discussed amongst my friends and parents.  The only other topic that has come up is the Eagles hire of Chip Kelly, which on any other day would be … Continue reading →

Aspen Extreme

Today I’m embarking on a journey up north to Vermont to bring in 2013.  I’m leaving the city, open bars, and $60 taxi rides behind to go freeze to death and snowboard in Killington.  I couldn’t think of a better … Continue reading →

The Unofficial History of The Official All-Star Cafe

“Spared no expense.” Those are the famous words uttered by John Hammond throughout Jurassic Park.  The creator of the dinosaur theme park turned war zone.  And while nobody was disturbed during their bowel movement and eaten like poor Donald Gennaro … Continue reading →

What Were My Parents Thinking? (First Haircut)

Since moving home I’ve had to adjust to finding new ways to entertain myself.  I no longer have roommates to dominate in NBA 2K11 and I can binge watch only so many episodes of Breaking Bad before I start thinking … Continue reading →

We Have A Problem

Coatesville man, 23, shot to death Police release video, ID suspects in El train shooting Slain man had ‘nothing to do with mob,’ sister says

The Worst NBA Lottery Picks

Posted on June 20, 2012

With the NBA Draft a mere 10 days away and the Finals trophy looking to be heading to the NBA equivalent of Mordor (Yes that’s a LOTR reference) I thought it would be a fun exercise to look back over … Continue reading →

Growing Up with LeBron James

Posted on July 27, 2012

M-V-P chants faded. The last scrap of confetti fell. And a throng of grown men without shirtsleeves exchanged their final hugs. Only then, was it time for LeBron James, who looked like a man amongst boys on the court, to … Continue reading →



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